What’s up devils? Barbecue makes the man. Barbecue is the oldest form of cooking, when our primitive brethren discovered that mammoth-sized slabs of mammoth meat tasted far better, and were much more healthier, when first cooked over a fire pit as opposed to being eaten raw. In a sense, barbecue helped push human evolution forward.

But no longer (predominantly) are we having to hunt down our food to cook over an open fire pit, and we’re certainly not slaughtering mammoths for the pit (although it might be pretty sweet to actually be able to eat a mammoth, and if science has any say in it, we just might get the chance to eat a wooly mammoth pretty soon. Rad, right?). But still, even to this day, barbecue makes the man.

What do I mean by this? Well, far too many men these days are fall short of having basic, essential “man skills,” one of them being mastery of food cooked over a fire, be it direct grilling or smoking, among many others (like changing a tire or swinging an axe). Too many are reliant upon others to provide for them, especially their food.

But man was the first creature to cook, and barbecue was the first cooking method. And today, if you are able to master barbecue, your “man-status” grows a bit higher, and you’re able to hold your head a bit higher than the rest (unless you’re freakishly short, of course).

There are many benefits to barbecuing that make you that much more of a man. It’s very primal, and at the core humans still hold onto a lot of there primal instincts. Being able to cook food, especially over a fire (that you built!) shows that you can be a good provider, and the ladies love a good provider.

Man makes the barbecue, but barbecue makes the man. It’s a simple but great philosophy to live by.

Ready to barbecue like a man? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

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