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How To: Control Your Grills Temperature
March 22, 2017

What’s up devils? Grilling and smoking meats and food is a passion of yours, its why you’re here. The sound of…

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Grilling Evolution
February 1, 2017

Cooking food over an open fire is not a new idea by any means; it’s very primal with roots tracing all…

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Respect the Grill
January 18, 2017

Far too often I see people step up to the grill, giddy as can be, and make an absolute fool of…

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Charcoal vs. Gas: The Showdown
November 14, 2016

Grilling just may well be the greatest thing to arise from the invention of fire, next to providing heat and warding…

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The 10 CRAZIEST Rigs in BBQ
November 10, 2016

The world of barbecue is a crazy one, there’s no question about that. It’s filled with interesting and colorful people who…

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Seattle’s Best Steaks use the Best Charcoal
November 9, 2016

Seattle is home to many fine things. From scenery to seafood, it’s a unique city with a vibrant culture. One of…

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5 Practical and Affordable Grills for the Space Concious
November 7, 2016

Grilling is great… One of man’s best creations. There’s nothing quite like cooking your food over an open fire in the…

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