What’s up devils? Recently we did a blog on a steak that could cost you well over $3K if you would ever want to taste it. And who wouldn’t? After all it’s only human nature to want something better; more glamorous, more decadent, more expensive. Our society today is filled with status symbols, with food being no exception. If you eat a filet mignon with some lobster, you generally tend to feel good about yourself, because more likely than not you worked really hard in order to put those meats on the table. Unfortunately, there is no place for expensive meats in the world of barbecue. Barbecue, historically, is all about cheap meat.

Cheap meat is what made barbecue so amazing. If you go back to hundreds of years to the American South you would see nothing but barbecues burning all day long. Barbecue down there was initially perfected by slaves who had to work with what they could in order to make a decent meal for themselves, as the most choice cuts of meat were reserved for the plantation owners. After the typical obvious cuts of meat were taken, the kind you would find at a supermarket today, the slaves had to break whatever animal down further in order to get all the muscle possible in order to feed them and there families. This generally resulted in harvesting unusual, tough cuts of meat that most people would have just scoffed at, but with a little culinary skill and a whole lot of love can rival in the finest meats. These cheap meats were then marinated, seasoned, and smoked for long periods of time, giving birth to the barbecue we know and love today.

The next time your going to buy meat for your barbecue, skip the supermarket and head to your local butcher shop. They’ll be more than happy to help you find some obscure and cheap cuts, like beef shank, merlot steak, pork collar, and lamb neck. They might sound a little odd, but barbecue is odd so just give them a try. You’re wallet, and palate, will thank you.

Ready to grill some cheap meat for your next barbecue? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

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