What’s up devils? The world seems to be in a constant rush. Everyone is constantly in go mode, speeding through their day as if they’re trying to win a race, always in a haste to finish. But why? Why is our society so in love with this notion that there’s a million things to do in ones day, and not nearly enough hours. As Ferris Bueller so famously said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down to take a look around, you might miss it.” That’s the great thing about barbecue. It forces you to press pause on your life for just a little while. It makes you slow down and enjoy the ride that much more. So, I urge you all to chill out and barbecue, for your own and society’s sake.

Because of our fast paced lifestyle, many things are no more than commodities, and expendable ones at that. From sleep to relationships with friends, family and loved ones, to food, nothing seems important enough to grab our attention for more than a moment.

Think about when you’re at a restaurant. Do you start to get antsy when your food is taking long? Are you upset when you’re out for more than an hour? Why? The whole reason you went to dinner in the first place was to unwind for a bit and forget about the troubles of your world.

For years one of the main things that kept a family together was a nightly family dinner. Everyone spent time with each other and were able to discuss their day and the goings ons of their life. But somewhere along the line the notion that a family dinner was essential began to diminish. With so many people turning to fast-food places for their meals they’re losing out on something. The connection to the animal that gave its life, the connection to the farmer who grew the produce, the connection to each other.

A barbecue is a great way to bring that connection back. Nothing gets peoples mouths salivating quite like the smell of meat sizzling on a grill or smoker. It brings everyone together, and no one really cares how long it takes, as long as it’s good. Barbecue is the great equalizer in society, bringing us all to a steady halt. So again, I urge all of you, for your own sake, to chill out and barbecue.

Ready to chill out and barbecue? Get yourself a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

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