What’s up devils? Barbecue/grilling season is upon us, even if it doesn’t feel like it with the kooky weather that’s been happening in many parts of the country. But rest assured, Summer and warmer weather will come, and with it, endless barbecues. The barbecue, especially a backyard barbecue, is one of the most quintessential parts of Americana in the Summer. Summertime just doesn’t feel complete without a good barbecue, and everyone loves a good barbecue. Odds are that since you’re reading this blog you will host a backyard barbecue yourself. And if you would like to continue to have backyard barbecues, don’t fail. I repeat, don’t fail at barbecue. Failing at barbecue is one of the more disappointing personal life experiences, and is a surefire way to make sure you never host a barbecue again. So here’s some common barbecue fails, and why and how you should avoid them.


You’re barbecue has been engulfed in flamesmaxresdefault-1

Not only is this a ridiculous barbecue failure, but it’s also a scary one. It usually happens with a combination of a few things: you used way too much lighter fluid on the charcoal, and you don’t know your pit well enough to control temperature. Now what do you do? Let it go and destroy your food? Or douse it with water or a fire extinguisher, again ruining everything and forcing you to start from scratch? Your call. But if you’re barbecue is a raging inferno, it most likely means you shouldn’t have been manning the pit in the first place.

Your food is burnt to a crispdownload

This can be a result of what you read above, but also can happen because whoever was at the grill/pit didn’t know the first thing about grilling, barbecue, or probably even cooking for that matter. Learn about indirect versus direct-heat cooking, and timing.

Your food is undercookeddownload-1

This clearly is the exact opposite of burnt food, but is generally caused by a lack of cooking knowledge. Just because the skin or outside of your meat is starting to char doesn’t mean it’s even remotely done. Again, learn your cooking techniques. The last thing you want to do is half to constantly be throwing meat back onto the grill, or for shame the microwave. Even worse would be to serve the undercooked food.

Your barbecue just made all the guests sickdownload-2

This can be because of serving guests undercooked food, but also cross-contamination of foods. Learn how to handle foods properly and safely, as well as target temperatures for doneness. A little knowledge goes a long way, and food safety is something every cook should no. There’s no easier way to never host a barbecue again than having your food poison all the guests.

You’re the only one that likes your foodimages

Awesome, you just made your favorite food! Problem is, your the only person that likes it. Great party hot shot. A good party is one that everyone enjoys, not just you. Take some time to get to know your guests, what they like. Nothing is sadder than seeing a bunch of partygoers standing around, watching the host devour all the food because they only cooked what they like. Serve something everyone enjoys. That’s just common courtesy.

Ready to host your own barbecue? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

Be sure to let us know what other barbecue failures to avoid in the comments below.