What’s up devils? The world today is full of glamour and luxury. From cars to beauty products to drinks, more and more things are being labeled “artisanal” and termed “exquisite.” Everyone seems to want things that are bigger, better, shinier, and all in all more expensive. It’s a status symbol, and it makes people feel good to know that the car in their driveway is more expensive than their neighbors and therefore better and nicer. The world of barbecue is no different, with craft barbecue restaurants popping up left and right, expensive meats and luxury grill accessories. Yes, expensive barbecue is a very real things. But is it worth it? Is it still barbecue if it’s expensive?

Traditionally barbecue was made with essentially scrap meat; cheap pieces of meat or odd cuts that would typically just be discarded. It was food for the less fortunate. But the dedication to cooking the meat, the dedication to hone your craft and develop the skill to take a tough, unwanted cut of meat and literally transform it into something mouth watering and desirable is the mark of a pit master, a true barbecue expert. That’s what barbecue is all about.

So where does that leave all the fancy, luxury barbecue items out there? For the barbecue fools of course. For the ones who think a large price tag gives you skill; makes your food taste better. The one that boasts about their $17,000 grill (yes, you read that right. Some grills are that expensive, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.) is the same one that can’t produce chicken with bite-through skin or fall-off-the bone ribs.

So don’t be fooled by a shiny grill and fancy meat. Be proud of the old pit you have or the one you built yourself. You’re a true barbecuer, one who honestly loves meat and smoking it. So sit back and relax knowing that the person with the grill that costs as much as a cheap car probably can’t make even a simple burger taste good, if they can even afford meat to throw on the grill at all.

Ready to make some true barbecue? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

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