What’s up devils? Today is the official start of Summer, the solstice, longest day of the year. Even though it’s a Wednesday, you have every excuse in the world to keep the barbecue going all night long. And I’m sure the barbecue is going to last all Summer long as well. Hopefully it does. And hopefully you have some guests to enjoy your barbecue with you.

When you’re barbecuing for yourself it’s more than acceptable to try your hand at something you’ve never cooked before, something new and unique for you. In fact, it’s noble to try and further your barbecue skills. And screwing up a cut of meat that’s reserved exclusively for you is no crime, it’s a learning process. However, when your entertaining and cooking barbecue for others, you can’t screw it up. That is an offense, and a punishable one at that. It could result in you losing your privilege to man the pit.

It’s good practice to go to some grilling staples, food you can’t screw up. By this I don’t mean it’s impossible to screw them up and ruin them, but I mean that you can’t screw them up because their so simple that screwing them up would be humiliating and could cost you everything you cherish in life (maybe that’s a bit extreme, but it’s still pretty pathetic to ruin some hot dogs).

So, here’s some grilled food you just can’t screw up. Burgers, hot dogs, steaks, bratwursts, and chicken legs. Those are the most common foods found, and are also the foods most commonly ruined on a grill. Burgers get flipped frequently and pressed; hot dogs are burnt to hell; steaks have hot and cold spots because the grill was crowded; bratwursts were pierced, causing all their precious juices to be lost; and chicken legs are tossed on the grill skin-side down. This are common mistakes, and easily correctable. Just don’t make them, and you’ll get to keep the barbecue delicious all Summer long.

Ready to NOT ruin some food on the grill? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and get cooking.

Be sure to let us know how you’ve seen these foods massacred in the comments below.