What’s up devils? I love barbecue, and you love barbecue. But how many people out there love the art of barbecue? A lot. For many years barbecue was an American Summer pastime. But with the growing popularity of barbecue, with shows devoted to the craft and new barbecue joints popping up left and right, it is quickly becoming America’s year-round culinary passion. I was interested in how popular barbecue is becoming; how many people either cook or attend a barbecue? How frequently do they do so? When is it most popular? There are many questions I wanted to know the answer to, and I found quite a bit of information. So here’s some statistics (from a 2016 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association survey) on the popularity of barbecue, so you can see how the art of barbecue, the food you love, is starting to dominate the food landscape.

  1. 75% of adults in the U.S own either a grill or smoker.
  2. 63% of grill owners use their grill or smoker year-round, and 43% cook with a grill or smoker at least once a month during winter.
  3. Barbecue is and grilling is no longer just for dinner: 11% of grill owners prepared breakfast on the grill in 2015, and that number is looking to increase.
  4. Nearly a third of current grill owners plan on grilling and barbecuing with greater frequency in the coming year.
  5. The five most popular days for grilling and barbecuing are: July Fourth; Labor Day and Memorial Day (tie for second); Father’s Day; Mother’s Day.
  6. The three top reasons why people choose to cook outdoors with a grill or smoker are, in order: to improve flavor; personal pleasure; entertaining family and friends.
  7. Nearly half, 45%, of U.S. adults plan to buy a new grill or smoker in the coming year.
  8. 53% of grill owners own charcoal grills.

Those are some pretty solid stats weighing in favor of barbecue/grilling being the food/cooking method of choice for Americans. If this was a fight, I’d put my money on barbecue and grilling to become the culinary champ of America.

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