What’s up devils? We’ve hit the end of another long week. Things have been pretty crazy so far this summer. Severe storms, wild fires, unseasonably cold temperatures or extreme heat (depending upon where you are), and that’s not even the full picture. But alas, summer is still a time for joy. And barbecue. Barbecue is a summer staple, and can be the one constant bright spot in an unpredictable and often troublesome world. But let’s pretend for a minute, and I stress lets only pretend, that we lived in a world without barbecue. The cooking style was simply never discovered. What would that be like?

In my opinion it would be damn near apocalyptic, and would solidify the collapse of society. Barbecue, throughout the course of human history, has done nothing but bring people together to set aside their differences and enjoy a delicious meal. If we lost out on this type of banquet, we would be forced back into our homes, back into the kitchens to slave over hot stoves in uncomfortable quarters, rather that being outside with the sun shining, breathing in fresh air as you gather with friends and family.

More likely though, should our primitive ancestors have never discovered fire and that roasting an animal carcass over open flames was a much healthier and delicious alternative to gnawing at raw flesh off the bone. In fact, according to most research, barbecue was one of the driving factors in human evolution, helping us get out of the caves and ultimately build what we know as society today. Barbecue helped spawn the growth and advancement of our species. Without barbecue, we might still just be grunting at each other and throwing spears at wooly mammoths (although it might be pretty sweet to be able to go on a mammoth hunt, just saying. And I would love to try some mammoth-sized spare ribs.).

A world without barbecue is not a world I would want to live in. It would not be the world we know.

Glad the world has barbecue? Get a bag of Jealous Devil and be thankful.

Be sure to let us know why a world without barbecue would be awful in the comments below.