• The Devil’s Advocates

    The Devil’s Advocates

    Meet Harry Soo

    Celebrity chef Harry Soo who is the grill master of his one-man team, Slap Yo’ Daddy BBQ, has won 30 grand championships and over 100 first place awards in USA, London, Canada, and Hawaii and is a world-wide brand. Winner of the acclaimed US reality TV show BBQ Pitmasters Season One and featured on Food Network, Chopped Grillmasters, Cutthroat Kitchen, and “Smoked” on Destination America.

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    Legends in the making

    We’re fueling greatness in kitchens across the country. Jealous Devil’s incredible heat and longevity, low maintenance and refueling requirements, and flavor-enhancing aroma is preferred by chefs and pitmasters who understand the impact their fuel has on their food.

    Jason Morse
    Executive Chef & Owner – 5280 Culinary

    Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation. ACE Hardware Nationwide Grill Expert. 20+ years of professional chef experience

    Robert Mansfield
    Pigs in Zen

    2018 World Food Championships Steak Champion , 2019 World Food Championships Final Table 4th Overall , 5 Times Steak Wins (SCA and other) , 4 Times Rib Wins (KCBS), 3 Times Chicken Wins (KCBS), 40 Top 10 calls in Chicken and Ribs (KCBS).

    Greg Gaardbo
    Chicago Culinary Kitchen

    Founder & Head Pitmaster. Award Winning Texas-style BBQ

    Meet the Devil‘s Advocates

    Our most loyal fans, out winning competitions nationwide, roasting whole hogs for catering gigs, and making incredible meals for friends and family. We support them in their mission to make legendary BBQ on their own – and spread the word about Jealous Devil. 

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