The Legend Maker

The Legend Maker

Our Story

You’re a legend at work. You’re a legend at the grill. You’re a legend in the… well, we all think we’re legends there. At Jealous Devil our mission is to make you a BBQ legend. Our products are still made the traditional way—with love, sweat and tears. Legendary wood. Legendary ingredients. Fueling legendary experiences built around food, drink, and community.

How the legend was born

Our origin story begins with quality ingredients. Since day one, we’ve sourced Quebracho Blanco “axe-breaker” hardwood from Paraguay, one of the densest woods on the planet: the perfect foundation for charcoal with legendary performance.

Perfecting our craft

We developed a blend of artisanal methods and modern innovation to create the hottest, longest, cleanest burning lump possible. Soon after, we began packaging it in gorgeous, weather-resistant resealable bags. We then set our sights on evolving fire logs and briquets to equally legendary levels of performance.

Our responsibility 

No rainforests are harmed to produce our products. Jealous Devil exclusively sources wood that has already been harvested sustainably and is in compliance with all regulations. We’re also actively reinvesting into our own production to reduce our carbon footprint and move towards FSC certification.

The future

What’s on the horizon? Big things. Be on the lookout for new Jealous Devil fuels as well as expansions into other areas of the BBQ world – along with special events, exciting opportunities, new sustainability commitments, and much more.

Our values

Jealous Devil holds these values to heart. The recipe for legendary products starts here. 


We sweat over every detail. From the moment we select our raw materials, to the moment you light your fuel and season your brisket.


We’re more than just charcoal. Every product we produce, event we sponsor, and pitmaster we support is designed to create #LEGENDMAKERS 


All our wood is sustainably harvested – often up-cycled to prevent it from being burned or thrown out. Our goal is to be fully FSC certified by 2025.

Supporting communities

Our production is rooted in south-central Paraguay. We provide a significant source of fair, humane, and safe employment for the local economy.


We own and operate all of our charcoal production facilities. We’ve had our hands on every piece of the process and will always keep it that way.  

Renewable fuel

We’ve never cut down a tree to make charcoal. Our fuel uses materials that are already fully sustainable and/or up-cycled. 

Cutting edge

We began with hand-built brick ovens. We’ve grown into an innovative production system with cutting edge equipment and 9 facilities on 2 continents.

Small batch

All products are made in small batches – from our largest bag of lump charcoal to our smallest jar of BBQ Love Rub. Ensuring premium quality and consistency.

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