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    100% All-Natural Pizza Oven Log


    100% All-Natural Pizza Oven Log

    Blox are to firewood what Superman is to Clark Kent: better in every way. They offer all the benefits of wood-fired cooking and none of the hassle. Originally designed for commercial wood-fired pizza ovens, but proving to be incredible versatile. You can upgrade to Blox anywhere you currently use firewood. Blox offer a high-efficiency burn with no heavy smoke. They’re made right here in the USA from prime oak and hickory that is ultra-compressed and heat-treated for maximum performance.

    • Heat treated and bacteriologically certified for safe cooking
    • Burns hotter & longer burn than firewood: 1500+F/ 2+ hours – 50-75% less moisture & 25% or more heat by weight & volume vs firewood
    • Less smoke & soot to minimize refueling, upkeep, & maintenance
    • No bark, dirt, sap or other non-combustible waste – Won’t spark, pop, snap, splinter, rot, or attract pests
    • Incredibly low moisture content and ash production
    • No inconsistency in size, density, aroma, or quality – Ideal 14” x 2” size for use in fire-pits, ovens, stoves, & bbqs
    • Clean, compact, & easy-stacking for convenient storage
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    Lighting Instructions

    Blox are extremely dense. They light best when placed on a high quality bed of kindling in a log cabin (4+ logs) or lean-to (2-3 logs) configuration, and then started with a very hot active starter such as a torch. We strongly recommend you lighting the Blox as described. When lit properly Blox, will produce no heavy smoke and reach temperature within 20 minutes, producing excellent initial flame roll and before smoothing out to white-hot coals. (Hot tip: You can slice one of your Blox logs into 1/2″ thick wafers, like a loaf of bread. These are a great alternative to shorter-lived bales or wax cubes for lighting your logs, lumps, or briquets!)

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