Maxxx XL Briquets – 2-Pack

All-Natural XL Pillow Briquets (2-Pack)
Maxxx XL Briquets - 2-Pack
Maxxx XL Briquets - 2-Pack
Maxxx XL Briquets - 2-Pack
natural charcoal briquettes
Maxxx XL Briquets - 2-Pack

Maxxx XL Briquets – 2-Pack

All-Natural XL Pillow Briquets (2-Pack)


3 reviews

NOTE: Maxxx is sold as a 20LB 2-pack (2 x 10lb bags)

Maxxx elevates the BBQ briquet to a bigger, better fuel. Maxxx briquets contain no fillers, chemicals, or toxic mystery ingredients that produce bitter smoke and mountains of ash. So what is in them? The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really). We compress it into the biggest pillow briq on the market for the longest burn time on the market – and put it in a cool waterproof resealable bag.

  • 100% natural ingredients: pure quebracho hardwood & a pinch of vegetable starch
  • NO chemicals or toxic ingredients – borax, nitrates etc – 2x the size of typical briquets for maximum performance
  • Taste-enhancing aroma & flavor – incredibly long, hot burn
  • No acrid, unpleasant smoke or harsh chemical odor
  • Extremely low ash production
  • Won’t spark, pop, or snap
  • Waterproof, resealable packaging with side carry handle


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Burn temperature
Burn Time
Lighting Instructions
Jealous Devil recommends lighting a few starter cubes/bales (hey, junk mail works too!) under a charcoal chimney, or using an active torch such as a looflighter or MAP torch. Depending on lighting conditions, your charcoal should come to temperature and be ready for cooking within 10-20 minutes. We do not condone the use of lighter fluid. It’s cheating. And also gross.
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3 reviews

3 reviews for Maxxx XL Briquets - 2-Pack

  1. Dave in BC

    These briquettes are amazing.
    Really easy to light, short time in the chimney to be grill ready, super low ash, very hot and clean burning, and they last a LONG TIME. Best charcoal I have used, strongly recommended.

  2. Ryan Bly

    The most amazing briquettes I have ever used, they are HUGE, clean burning, long lasting and so natural that I use the ashes in my garden too. Love this product and would give it 10 out of 5 stars if I could. Hope they come back in stock soon!

  3. Mannie M (verified owner)

    I’m a SCA cook and won a lot with it

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