Chunx XL

Signature XL Lump Charcoal

Chunx XL
Chunx XL
Chunx XL
premium natural charcoal

Chunx XL

Signature Chunx XL Lump Charcoal


11 reviews

Our flagship charcoal is a super-size, ultra-premium lump. Crafted from one of the densest hardwoods on the planet and specially carbonized to remove impurities. The result? Hotter, longer, and cleaner burns with incredible flavor. Without sparks, pops, bitter smoke or excessive ash.

  • Huge, industry-leading lump size for maximum performance
  • 100% natural quebracho blanco “axe-breaker” hardwood
  • No sparks, pops, flare-ups, excessive ash, or heavy smoke
  • 1100F+ max temp – reduced refueling & maintenance demands
  • Award-winning flavor preferred by champion pitmasters, pro chefs, and competitors
  • Gorgeous water-resistant, resealable packaging with convenient carry handle
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How to Light Premium Lump Charcoal?

Jealous Devil recommends lighting a few starter cubes/bales (hey, junk mail works too!) under a charcoal chimney, or using an active torch such as a looflighter or MAP torch. Depending on lighting conditions, your charcoal should come to temperature and be ready for cooking within 10-20 minutes. We do not condone the use of lighter fluid. It’s cheating. And also gross.

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11 reviews

11 reviews for Chunx XL

  1. Deena Boothe

    I bought a 20lb bag of Jealous Devil XL Lump charcoal for a brisket cook-off with my son…he used an offset smoker and I used my Dad’s old Webber…I loved the way this charcoal burned.. it was a clean burn and I was able to keep my pit to temp for 12 hours with just the right amount of smoke…and I hardly used any of the bag…btw I won!! So I bought 2 more bags…I gave one to my son🤭

  2. Sean Cassidy


  3. Ryan Morgan

    Having tested several of the top brands of lump charcoal including BGE, cowboy lump, Royal Oak, mesquite lump, etc., this is now my preferred charcoal and will continue to purchase it wherever I can find it. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a reduction in popping, cracking, and smoke I usually get from all the other lump charcoals I’ve used in the past. Coming off Royal Oak which was the last bag of lump I bought, this is night and day difference.

    This Jealous Devil lump charcoal lit quickly and stayed HOT (kettle kid 550+ degrees) for the duration of my cook. There was no excessive smoke taste that I could detect, and the family agreed too. After closing off the vents on the grill, the charcoal cooled with minimal ash. I’ll be able to use the same charcoal for a second bbq on the Weber kettle.

    Thank you Jealous Devil for making this product, I’ve found the best and I’m extremely satisfied to make this my go to from now on.

  4. William Rosenbalm

    The best charcoal i have ever used burns hot and last for a long time

  5. Mike

    This is the best charcoal I’ve ever used in my Big Green Egg. Period.
    It rolls low and slow even longer than what you’ll need it to. It also gets hot enough (easily) to grill and sear anything you need. Easily my favorite charcoal!!

  6. Marcus Porter (verified owner)

    It’s the best charcoal on the planet. Period. Super long cook times, hot cooks, no popping and great aroma. It’s unreal!

  7. Michael

    Bought a new Hunsaker smoker and the included a bag of your product. Have to say that I was impressed with the performance and will look for your products next time I need lump

  8. Eric

    Best lump coal I have used , huge pieces and burns clean and long and it can get HOT too ..

  9. Robert Indelicato

    Wow! This stuff is awesome…I went straight from kingsford to this, but I’ve used Red Oak before and Jealous Devil chunks are huge with very little bits in the bottom of the bag…which is usually the issue with other brands. Great product!

  10. Carey

    the best lump charcoal I have ever used, burns clean and long . . kudos jealous devil and clever name – but the food turns out . . . . heavenly! keep up the good work!

  11. Mike

    Huge chunks – nice smoke balance and very long lasting – will be ordering more!

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