• Reduce fuel use by 25-33% or more and eliminate costly energy losses from variations in fuel moisture, density, and ingredient quality
  • Enjoy longer, lower-maintenance burns – 3+ hours in open grills and 20+ hours in smoker/low-oxygen environments; Josper and Vesuvio-style ovens can run entire services on a single load without refueling
  • Store twice the cooking power by weight and volume – in a waterproof, re-sealable package


  • Pure South American hardwood source material ensures there are no mystery ingredients being infused into your food
  • Subtle natural aroma functions as a flavor enhancer, improving flavor profiles without overwhelming them with the taste of smoke or fuel
  • Stands well on its own, but can be easily paired with wood chips/chunks to boost signature flavors like cherry, pecan or applewood
  • Premium fuel quality ensures flavors and temperatures remain extremely consistent to protect food from issues like ash/smoke, uneven heat, and unwanted flavors from burning unhealthy or potentially dangerous chemicals


  • Absolutely no sparking or popping (yes, really)
  • Clean, pure, minimal smoke
  • Extremely low ash production to reduce waste, clogging, clean-up, and ash landing on food
  • Incredibly hot burns with maximum temperatures over 1100 degrees – perfect for everything from searing Wagyu steak to cooking pizza
  • Consistent, even burn temperatures due to ultra-dense
    hardwood source material and unique carbonization process

Raise some hell in your kitchen with a superior, high-performance live fire cooking fuel experience that will save money, dramatically improve the cooking environment, and improve food flavor and texture.