What's in this stuff, anyway?

Wood. Just wood. Nothing else. No sawdust, industry scrap wood, fillers, binders, or chemicals.

Does that mean you're cutting down the Amazon rainforest?!

No. To date, we’ve never cut down a tree to make charcoal, and we do not source wood that’s been harvested illegally or in an unsustainable fashion. Paraguay actually has some of the strictest land preservation laws around.

I'm used to briquette or other lump. How do I make the transition?

Congratulations! You’re moving up in the world, kid. You’ll typically want to use 25-50% less charcoal if you’re used to briquette, and 15-20% less if you’re used to other types of lump. Jealous Devil burns significantly hotter than other charcoals as well – so watch your heat. You can easily hit 800+ degrees in your grill for crispy pizzas and perfect sears with Jealous Devil.

How mad will you be if I start this stuff with lighter fluid?


Well how the hell am I supposed to light it, then?

We recommend using a charcoal chimney. Roll and stuff some paper (finally, a use for junk mail!) underneath, or place 2-4 alcohol starter cubes inside and start those (make sure they’re where you can light them once the charcoal’s been piled in). You can also use an electric charcoal starter. Jealous Devil should be at temperature and ready to cook over in about 15 minutes. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not use lighter fluid.

I have a _____ brand grill/smoker/kamado. With JD work in it?

Hell yes! Jealous Devil is awesome for open grills, but it excels in low-oxygen smoker and kamado environments as well from your Big Green Egg to your truck-sized offset smoker. It has a mild flavor that can work on its own yet plays well with your favorite chips or chunks. Remember that Jealous Devil burns hotter than other charcoals, so just check your chips the first time you use it.

How long will it last?

A long ass time. But seriously, we get this question all the time and it’s literally impossible to answer exactly. What we can say is that we’ve had multiple reports from the field of it lasting 4+ hours in open grills and up to 20+ hours in smokers/kamados. Someone cooked a whole pig over 5 hours in a Caja China smoker box with approximately 30lbs of charcoal (less than 1 bag).

How big are "XL Lumps", anyway?

Jealous Devil is hand-cut and like any artisanal product, is not going to be completely uniform within or between bags. We strive for fist-sized lumps on average, though you may see some that are larger or smaller. But remember the size of the lump doesn’t determine the quality of burn – a 2″ lump made from this type of South American hardwood is going to burn far hotter, longer, and better than a 4″ lump made from oak or mesquite.

Where can I buy it?

Our website always has the best prices online. We’re also on Amazon. If your local BBQ shop is interested in carrying JD, have them contact us at info@jealousdevil.com (or send us their contact info to that address). If you give us a shout and let us know you referred them, we’ll send you some sweet swag!

What's your return/refund policy?

We want your experience with our charcoal to be awesome. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy and are happy to refund or replace product within 30 days of purchase.

Do you have bulk discounts?

Yes! Contact us for pricing by the pallet or half-pallet.