Frequently Asked Questions

There is no such thing as a bad question. But just in case, here are some answers, so you don’t have to ask a bad question. Looking for even more information? Click on the link below to download our charcoal comparison chart. Go ahead, be the know it all.

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Making Jealous Devil
What’s in this stuff, anyway?

Wood. Just wood! Really! But if you want to get technical:
Lump Charcoal: 100% South American Hardwood (Quebracho Blanco)
Maxxx Briquets: 95% South American Hardwood (Quebracho Blanco) and 5% vegetable starch
Hex Briquets: 100% FSC Certified Eucalyptus
Blox Firelogs: 100% USA Hardwood (Oak/Hickory)

Does that mean you’re cutting down the Amazon rainforest?!

Hell no! To date, we’ve never cut down a tree to make charcoal. All of our products use one of the following:
– up-cycled surplus prime wood (harvested legally under Paraguay’s strict conservation laws, or else sourced from US manufacturers that responsibly process high quality lumber)
– sustainable wood species (eucalyptus and others, generally certified by the [FSC] to guarantee sustainability
Unlike many manufacturers, we are actively committed to creating sustainable products, reducing our carbon footprint, and protecting local ecosystems and economies.

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How big are “XL Lumps,” anyway?

Jealous Devil is an artisanal product and is not going to be completely uniform within or between bags. We strive for fist-sized lumps or larger on average, but you’ll always see variation above and below that in a bag (especially if UPS has gotten a little frisky with your box). But remember the size of the lump doesn’t determine the quality of burn – a 2″ lump of JD will burn better than a 4″ lump made from scrap softwood or mesquite.

Lighting and Using

I’m used to blue-bag briquette. How do I make the transition to Jealous Devil?

Congratulations! You’re moving up in the world, kid. You’ll typically want to use 25-50% less lump charcoal if you’re used to briquette, and 15-25% less if you’re used to other types of lump. Jealous Devil burns significantly hotter than other fuels as well – so watch your thermometer the first time you fire it up.

Well how the hell am I supposed to light this stuff?

We disagree with lighter fluid at a soul-deep level. Just don’t. Please. Light our charcoals with an active starter (MAP/propane torch or Looflighter), or in a charcoal chimney with a few wax cubes or similar types of starters. Started correctly, these should be at a cook-ready state within 15 minutes. For Blox, we strongly advise using a bed of high quality kindling underneath and using a torch. Started correctly, Blox should be lit end-to-end and produce little visible smoke within 20 minutes. If it looks like a stick of burning incense or you’re having trouble keeping it lit, use a hotter and/or longer-lasting starter.

I have a _____ brand grill/smoker/kamado/hole I dug in the ground. Will Jealous Devil work in it?

Hell yes! Jealous Devil is equally awesome for open grills and low-oxygen smoker environments. Use it everywhere from tabletop Weber Smokey Joes to Big Green Eggs to truck-sized offset smokers or backyard pizza ovens. You can use it alone (it’s great, really) or in combination with your favorite wood for more complex flavor combinations.

How hot will it get?

They use this type of charcoal to fuel metal forges. It’ll be plenty toasty for your pizza. Our lump charcoal exceeded 1100F max temps in independent testing.

How long will it last?

This is perhaps our most commonly asked and most impossible to answer question. Weather, grill type, storage, and other factors play a huge role in your fuel’s performance. What we can say is that we’ve had multiple reports of our charcoal lasting 4+ hours in open grills and up to 20+ hours in smokers/kamados. A pro chef cooked a whole pig over 5 hours in a Caja China smoker with approximately 30lbs of charcoal (less than 1 bag). Especially if you’re new to BBQ (but even if you’re not), we recommend you keep a log of your cooks to ensure reliability.

Connecting with Jealous Devil

What’s your return/refund policy?

We want your experience with our charcoal to be awesome. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy and are happy to refund or replace product within 30 days of purchase. See the details on our Shipping & Returns page, and contact us via the form on Contact Us page, or call 661-532-8767.

I have an issue or question on a product or order, what do I do?

Hit us up on the contact form or by calling/texting us at 661-532-8767.

I want to talk to Jealous Devil about being an ambassador, brand partner, etc.

Sweet! Contact us through our marketing team at

Getting your Jealous Devil

Do you have bulk discounts?

You bet. Hit us up on our Wholesale Contact page. We supply restaurants, distributors, retailers, and even the occasional backyard fanatic that buys by the pallet.

Where can I buy it?

Right on this site! We’re also on Amazon and in hundreds of retailers across the country (visit our Store Locator to check if there’s one in your area).

When will my order get here?

If you order from us, you will receive tracking from UPS Ground. We ship from multiple warehouses nationwide same-day if you order by noon CST. Orders generally arrive within 4 days. UPS also has a free tracking service called MyChoice that provides detailed delivery estimates, customization and notifications – we recommend using it! (You can learn more and sign up HERE).

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